Uptown date hotspots

14 Apr

Toronto has so much to offer in terms of dining and entertainment.  But sometimes, it’s nice to stay close to home and rediscover what your area has to offer.

Lawrence Park and Leaside have so many great places for dates, and you won’t have to fight for parking spaces either. You can also be economical and walk to your destinations.  Share a romantic walk on a trail through Blythwood or Sherwood Park along the ravine (but remember to wear sensible shoes during the Springtime) or stroll through Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto’s largest non-spooky graveyard.  Take a look at the map below for a trail suggestion (you can start your journey inside the beautifully kept gardens at Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens).  To keep track of your midtown hikes, download the My Tracks app for your Android smartphone.

If you’re in the mood for a slightly less active date, the area has many cute cafes and restaurants to offer.  La Boheme Cafe Patisserie is located at 2481 Yonge St., just north of Eglinton.  They serve te aro coffee, and their lattes are divinely crafted by French-speaking baristas.  Their desserts are delicate and savoury.  The atmosphere is calm and inviting, and you can easily spend a couple hours seated across your sweetheart as light from the streets and vintage chandeliers pours into this French cafe.

Latte from Cafe Boheme

If your sweet tooth is still aching, look no further than the uptown location of Dufflet at 2638 Yonge St.  Known as the Queen of cake, Dufflet offers an indulgent selection of rich cakes, meringue pies and tarts.  The back of the store has a floral department, so if you forget to buy flowers for an occassion, you can have a backup plan at the ready.

Cappuccino from Dufflet

Chocolate cake from Dufflet

Beyond scrumptious desserts, uptown has some serious fine dining experiences to offer.  Staples of the area include North 44 (owned by celebrity chef Marc McEwan) and Centro.  More exotic dining can be found at Amaya Indian Room at 1701 Bayview Ave., a couple blocks south of Eglinton.  The rich decor is complimented by the exotic flavours of the food.  Their butter chicken is delicious, and the beef vindaloo was tender, but too spicy, which took away from the flavour of the beef steak.

Naan and butter chicken at Amaya Indian Room

The beef vindaloo at Amaya Indian Room

Finish up your night with a lighter and healthier dessert that tastes like it came straight from Italy.  Hollywood Gelato has been a mainstay of the Leaside area for creating delicious and unique gelato flavours made from all natural ingredients.

Inside Hollywood Gelato

A variety of sorbet and gelato flavours can be found here

The key lime pie flavour is out of this world and will make you say, “Ciao Bella!”

Use this map to help plan your route uptown, and don’t forget, there are plenty of amazing shops in between.


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