YSL ad banned in the UK

9 Feb

This YSL ad, promoting classic fragrance, Belle d’Opium was banned in the UK, Perez Hilton reports. Apparently, 13 people called in to complain and the ad was pulled because it “simulated drug use”.

Model Melanie Thierry slithers around and dances in a grecian white gown.  Although her dancing is loose and a bit hypnotic, why would drug use would immediately come to mind to these 13 watchdogs?  If that’s the case, nearly every dance form would be “stimulating drug use”.

In response to the British Advertising Standards Agency’s decision, YSL said this:

“YSL Beauté is disappointed that the ASA has upheld the small number of complaints about this advertisement for Belle d’Opium. The advertisement was not intended to make any reference to drug culture, but to promote the sensuality and seductive qualities of the fragrance in keeping with the Opium brand, which was launched by Yves Saint Laurent over 30 years ago. Nonetheless, when the ASA told YSL that there had been some complaints about the advertisement, YSL, as a responsible advertiser, amended the advertisement in order to avoid any possible misinterpretation.”

It seems that this is just another case where an artistic vision has been compromised to appease such a small number of people.



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