Fashion journalism transitions into a new medium

9 Feb

Journalism is changing. Fashion journalism is no exception, and has been influenced by the internet and fashion blogs. This influence has altered the content and writing style of traditional fashion journalism and has hurt sales of print publications.

Photo by the Manchester City Library

“I browse a lot of the independent and amateur fashion blogs and online magazines but honestly? The ones I go to diligently, funnily enough, tend to be the blogs of the other big newspaper outlets,” says Nathalie Atkinson, style columnist and blogger for the National Post.

“Society doesn’t need newspapers. What we need is journalism,” said Clay Shirky, author of a blog that analyzes the internet media. What fashion needs is journalism as well. The internet might be flooded with amateur blogs, but traditional news sources have kept up with society and have established blogs with journalistic value.

Atkinson and readers like Dasha Nagorodnyuk, a Book and Media Studies student at the University of Toronto trust the blogs of reputable reporters because they have a combination of access and informed opinion.  “The established fashion critics have a certain level of expertise and technical knowledge …  And their writing is simply better,” adds Atkinson.

Our world does not read news in a traditional way anymore, and fashion is keeping up with this changing pace. Some blogs dare to do groundbreaking fashion reporting, while others reiterate what we already know.


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