How to write a successful fashion blog

20 Jan

There are many bloggers out there, but what makes a fashion blog stand out?

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  1. Research. Like any good piece of journalism, a fashion story has background information. It should have insight into the design, influences and technical aspects. 
  2. Visuals are important on the web, especially in fashion.  If you aren’t in the front row at fashion week, enhance the post with other pictures or YouTube videos.
  3. eHow says to post often. Like breaking news, fashion is a timely industry, so keep on top of all developments.
  4. Immerse yourself in fashion.  Go to local fashion shows and visit fashion boutiques.  Knowledge will give your fashion writing depth.
  5. Network yourself.  Post links to Facebook and Twitter, and join fashion networks like Lookbook and Chictopia to gain readership.

There are many  types of fashion stories you can write for the web:

  • review comments on a campaign, fashion show or trend. reviews fashion shows, and Fashion Gone Rogue posts international magazine editorials.
  • Styling is an opportunity to practise being a fashionista. Rachel Zoe is a stylist to the stars and has a styling blog called the Zoe Report
  • Street style blogs show what everyday people are wearing on the street.  To be the next Scott Schuman or Tommy Ton, make sure you have a digital SLR and a keen eye for style.
  • What I wore is extremely popular online. Tavi Gevinson and Louise Ebel  have thousands of readers who follow their looks.

To be the next Tavi, keep posting often, but most importantly, stay true to your style.


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