The Starbucks “Trenta”

18 Jan

Starbucks announced on Sunday that they will start selling a new drink size come May reports msnbc.  The new size is 7 ounces larger than their Venti offering.  The Trenta is 31 ounces of brewed, steeped, and blended consumerism.

The new size was designed to meet demand from customers who wanted larger sizes for cold beverages.  The upgrade will cost 50 cents more than the Venti size.  Unfortunately, Starbs will only offer the size in iced drinks… so you can’t get your 31 ounce fix of a double soy non fat caramel macchiato.

The new size will only be launched in the States, with potential of causing more bathroom breaks and caffeine-induced insomnia.  No word yet whether they will launch a Slurpee sized version.


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